SEAzam is an SAP add-on that uploads and downloads huge volumes of data.

It provides a graphical interface to select the useful fields and filters. This allows the optimization of the transferred volumes. 



Features of SEAzam :

Features of SEAzam :

SEAzam is installed inside SAP. 

No additional hardware is required.

There is no time lag.

Data are extracted in real time. 


All access authorizations are maintained in SAP.

Data load is in line with the SAP rules and controls:

  • All activities of SEAzam are submitted to the standard authorization system.
  • The upload of data is submitted to the existing data validation.

You define in SAP which user has access to which data. 


Data uploads and downloads from and to any device.

SEAzam can run for many different applications at the same time.

Easy data transfer between any application and SAP


Field selection = one click in the graphical interface.

SEAzam is :

  • a user friendly ETL;
  • the first step of many projects like Excel upload, custom reports, migration to S/4 HANA, digitization, acquisition, decommisioning,…

1 tool for several data exchange projects.



SEAzam avoids additional programs when new demands are submitted.

​Compatible with any version of SAP – from ECC6 (2005) to the latest version, SAP S/4 HANA – SEAzam can manage your data in several formats, including XLS, XML, JSON, CSV and TXT. It supports real time and file interface.

Implementation is simple as this is an add-on to an existing SAP server. You need only one day training to set up your interfaces.

The programs of SEAzam are fully integrated in a specific name space of the SAP system. There is no risk of overwriting existing programs when loading SEAzam on a SAP system.

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