A lot of companies worry about how to:

  • keep a handle on their hyper-complex landscape;
  • ensure that the costs of IT operations remain within a reasonable range. 

One fast and instant way is to have current data only in the system as part of an archiving solution. However, another practical and low-cost method could to shut down some of the existing systems, in a fully secure way.

Few companies need or want to maintain an extensive set of inherited applications – an expensive option in terms of Equipment and maintenance in today’s economic climate.

Inherited systems also decrease the efficiency of recurrent operations (e.g. system back-up) and are risky due to being executed with degraded confidence.

Nevertheless, major companies are wary of shutting down unused SAP systems, due to legal or audit requirements.

This is a major application of the decommissioning system, which is part of SAP ILM (Information Lifecycle Management).

SEAmetrics helps identifying systems that could be decommissioned, taking business and technical factors into consideration.

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