The main goals of the SEAzam are :
  • To provide a quick and easy tool to manage and monitor SAP interfaces. This can be used for web services, on-line and scheduled interfaces.
  • To allow SAP users to download and upload huge data quantities in 5 formats: JSON, XML, XLS, CSV, TXT. The XLS format is no more limited to 256 columns & 65 536 rows.
  • To provide an interface tool fully integrated in SAP. This allows :
  • To leave control on the data to the standard SAP authorizations
  • To stay compatible with all the development platforms (JAVA, .Net, IOS, Android, WinDev, Python, …).
  • To provide a graphical interface to select the useful fields and filters. This allows to optimize the transferred volumes
  • To provide template files for all four available formats. The XML and JSON code can be used in both web services and on-line or scheduled interfaces.