You can get a database health check from SEAmetrics that will identify which of your tables hold the most data and where you have most scope to release data – because of its age and type. So you can focus on these key areas and deliver ‘quick wins’ in the business.

System Preparation


Data archiving

In-depth Analysis
Solution design
Backlog Removal
Periodic Archiving

Data archiving

Removal of obsolet
Master data
of obsolete organizational unites

Data archiving

Removal of Obsolete developments
Removal of Obsolete Users. Profiles and roles, etc…
Check and adapt Customer code using High SEA tools.


With the help of specialized evaluation engine SEAmetrics, our expert consultants provide an objective, factual picture of the database content.


  • Decide which data is necessary and should be retained, and which data is obsolete or dispensable, and can be stored offline.
  • Reduce the migration efforts in terms of time and costs.
  • Complete the transition to SAP HANA in a much easier way.
  • Reduce the database size, saving significant migration costs.

High-SEA applies a proven methodology to ensure one main objective: Keep the System Available in the long run.

Expertise / Assessment

  • Identify actual operative structures (and hence, inoperative structures)
  • Identify volumes of data to be archived based on different analysis scenarios
  • Determine the optimal timeline for the project
  • Refine ROI estimates on this Project

Business Blueprint

  • Document requirements and propose solutions
  • Validate the solution with local team
  • Provide help on change management issues
  • Document solutions and validated scenarios
    • Use of Resources
    • Better Performance
    • Legal Compliance

Go live

  • Support during Go-live
  • Provide assistance to local BC team and Skill center to organize the recurring archiving activities

High-SEA Data Archiving Service

Data archiving service focuses on the implementation of individually designed archiving projects that are best suited for our customers.
We develop and implement solutions that make document and data mass archiving easy.

SEAmetrics is an addon solution to measures the DB usage in terms of Gbytes distributed in the archiving objects per module, enterprise structure and flow, as well as pertinent information’s on data quality in main streams objects.

SEAmetrics is developed to evaluate the operational implementation of archiving process and to provide:

  • The number and quality of documents in the scope of archiving
  • Take into account specific customizing
  • Overview of the DB growth
  • Overview of the archiving settings
  • Detection of potential lacks in archiving settings
  • Statistics on the main business reasons why archiving fails
  • A follow up of the growth of documents in the system
  • The main outputs for a periodic publication of Key Performance Indicators



SEAmetrics provides customers with a list of both short- and long-term archiving opportunities, as-well as a proposed roadmap to appropriately seize them.

The deliverables of this package include :

  • Data retention risk analysis
  • Database analysis in more details than the usual database growth and sizing statistics
  • Comprehensive list of relevant archiving objects
  • How it fits into the local archiving strategy
  • Outline of archive retrieval tools available in your existing environment
  • Quantified fast-track data reduction opportunities to be implemented as a priority
  • Archive rollout sequencing taking business and technical factors into consideration
  • Full compliance to local Legal Regulationsx